• ISAPS Symposium
  • Master Classes: Breast Augmentation, Blepharoplasty, Microsurgery, Keystone Flap, Orthognathic Surgery
  • Ohmori Memorial Lecture
  • Moenadjat Memorial Lecture
  • Joint sessions: ASPS, KSPRS and InaPRAS
  • Aesthetic topics: facial fat graft, breast, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, abdominoplasty and innovation
  • Reconstruction topics: vascular malformation, advance cleft, hand surgery, microsurgery, pelvic, perineal, genital, otoplasty, training and education
  • Oral & poster free paper competition


  • Eyelids, periorbital area and mid-cheek
  • Face Lift: Basics to Get Keys to Successful Outcome
  • Face Lift: Successful Outcome
  • Face Lift: Perfect Dissection, Tips and Tricks for Successful Outcome
  • Facial beauty: combining surgery and non-surgical intervention
  • Rhinoplasty: comprehensive review
  • Rhinoplasty: managing problems


  • Abdominoplasty and body contouring: a matter of choosing technique
  • A breast in breast augmentation
  • Asian eyes, nose and face
  • Breast surgery: elaborating principles
  • Breast surgery: challenges
  • Endoscopic procedures: all potential procedures
  • Face and neck: integrated rejuvenation
  • Mindset opening
  • Rhinoplasty: advancing the general concept
  • Rhinoplasty: restructuring the bone and cartilage
  • Taking care of body and breast
  • Techniques with effect on facial contouring
  • The beauty of surgery for the face: all about SMAS
  • The plethora of rhinoplasty
  • The beauty of surgery for eyelids
  • The practice and business: a myth to avoid?
  • Workhorse for facial rejuvenation
  • Winning the plastic surgery existence


  • Advanced cleft and facial defect
  • Collaborative training and education
  • CLP
  • Fostering breast reconstruction
  • Microsurgery advances
  • Otoplasty
  • Pelvic, perineal & genital reconstruction
  • Surgical hand resurfacing
  • The notorious deformities in fingers
  • Vascular malformation and hemangioma
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